We are driveway specialists that service a wide region in New Jersey. Our services includes laying asphalt driveways, concrete, sealcoating, asphalt repairs and more.
Our masonry contractors provide an unrivalled masonry service in NJ for replacing old walling, pointing walling, building retaining walls and more.
If you would like to transform your backyard, patio or garden, Ascot Driveways provides unbeatable value on all our landscaping and hardscaping services in NJ.

Our Services

Newly Turfed Lawn in NJ

Lawn Installations in New Jersey

Expert Installation Of Garden Lawns and Artificial Grass in New Jersey. Low Maintenance and Affordable Options To Choose From.

Masonry Wall Building in New Jersey

We specialize in building masonry walling in New Jersey, providing options on decorative walling, stucco, retaining walls and more. Our skilled bricklayers can work with masonry, bricks, stucco and even wood.

Step Repairs and Installations in New Jersey

If you need to replace your old step or stoop in New Jersey, call the experts at Ascot Driveways today. We specialize in repairing or replacing steps using natural stone, concrete, bricks, wood and granite stone throughout nearby areas.

Concrete Driveway Specialists in New Jersey

We provide a massive range of choices in colours and patterns for patterned concrete driveways. We guarantee the best finish possible on every one of our pressed concrete driveways.

Sealcoating Your Asphalt Driveway

Looking to restore your old asphalt driveway? We specialize in using sealcoating driveways. We can restore any worn down or faded asphalt driveway using high-strength seal coating on your driveway.

Interlock Paving Installers

If you are interested in getting interlock pavers laid, you can rely on Ascot Driveways to handle the paving work to a high standard whilst providing unbeatable value.

Patio Installation Specialists New Jersey

If you are looking for a patio installer, why not call the contractors at Ascot Driveways, who provide services for hardscaping, new patios and more throughout your area.

Masonry Repair Specialists NJ

All our masonry repair and installation work is done to regulation and backed by our installation guarantee. We get it done on time and on budget.

Asphalt Paving Installers in New Jersey

If you need asphalt paving, you can rely on the experienced asphalt contractors at Ascot Driveways to handle the work to a high standard whilst providing unbeatable value.


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